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Here are the key frequently asked questions about Triplet services

We offer lower implementation costs compared to other companies. Utilizing our in-house technical expertise without relying on external vendors means no additional costs are incurred in the deployment process. As a result, you can access AI solutions at a reasonable price. Another advantage is the quick response from our related teams in case of system errors. Lastly, you can enjoy customized services that adapt and apply technology to offline business environments by using Triplet solutions.
If you provide us with a description of your business environment either online or through offline communication, our relevant teams will initially assess the feasibility of implementing the solution. If it is deemed feasible based on the description, our technical team, including the technical lead, will visit the actual site to verify the accurate scale and facilities. Following this, we will have discussions to fine-tune the specific details, prepare a contract, and proceed with the installation of the solution.
The cost of implementing the solution varies depending on the model you wish to use, as well as the scale and environment of your business. The exact cost will be determined during the adjustment phase in the implementation process, and we will engage in sufficient consultation with the responsible personnel to provide you with the most reasonable price. For more precise and prompt answers, please contact our team for further details.
Triplet's AI solutions can be installed in various brick-and-mortar stores including retail stores, national parks, and libraries. Even in areas where technology has not been introduced yet, we can provide consultation, develop tailored solutions, and estimate costs. Since we use our self-developed AI models, you can easily receive answers without much difficulty.
The duration may vary depending on the business environment and the solution model, but on average, it takes approximately one to one and a half months from the completion of the contract. This includes processes such as hardware procurement and service installation at the business premises. For more specific information, please contact our team for a more accurate and prompt response.


The business team at Triplet is always available and ready to assist customers.

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For brick-and-mortar businesses in need of technology, we offer customized solution development and installation through consultation. For any related inquiries, our business team will respond promptly and efficiently.
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